Lauren Della Marta

From Sydney
Addicted to tea
(milk, no sugar)
Hate the cold
Love the snow
The Strokes
My Hair smells like chocolate

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  1. Photography for Skateistan’s 2014 merchandise lookbook

    Photography for Skateistan’s 2014 merchandise lookbook

  2. Kampot Village in Cambodia

  3. Visiting an isolated island village in Cambodia

  4. Skateistan Blog Post: Sport For Development

    "In Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam there is conflict for the land and [there are other] countries that are in conflict like Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But when we play sport we don’t care for this. When we play sport we don’t care about the politics. Sport brings peace. When we play sport together, we are friends.”


  5. Vinyl: A fleeting trend or lasting comeback?

    Adam Fisher, co-owner of Red Eye Records, Sydney’s oldest record store (where Beck played live in ’95) sheds some light on why the recent ‘vinyl revival’ isn’t just a music embodiment of the high-waisted jeans and denim jacket comeback to fashion.


  6. A chalkwriting timelapse

  7. Sydney's forskateable future

    "I don’t want people to think that we’re like, ‘Ok sweet, the rally was fun, see you guys later.’ We are already doing back up work to push this thing even harder than before. It’s kind of like we just got a big fire lit under our butts and now we’re got to work even harder to keep the momentum going.”


  8. Gift bags I designed for Personal Eyes Optometry

  9. Interview with Oliver Cation: Keeping Hardcore Alive

    Hardcore bands have it tough, especially young ones. To the outsider, they are terrifying and warrant earplugs. To the devoted they are thrilling but also few and far between…


  10. Sydney just got more skateable

    December 9 will go down in history (ours at least) as the day Sydney grew up a little because at 6.30pm on Monday, hundreds of skaters congregated outside Sydney Town Hall to support a motion demanding an inner city skate park. 


    (Serious photojournalism goes along with this one).